Trance Team

  • Aimoon
    Trance DJ & Producer
    If talk about Aimoon’s style his music can be described as top-quality high-energy music with cool grooves.

  • Akoni
    Trance DJ
    Akoni was born in England in the 80's and grew up during the party era. Trance was born and Akoni fell in love...
  • Alex Wright
    Trance DJ & Producer
    Alex Wright is a young, upcoming DJ / Producer from Nottingham, UK. He has previously had releases..
  • Andrea Mazza
    Trance DJ & Producer
    Andrea Mazza’s first experience behind the decks was in 1990, when he started DJ’ing in various clubs.
  • Andrew Prylam
    Trance DJ & Producer
    Andrei Prylazhinski – aka Andrew Prylam, is a native of Belarus. His DJ career began in 2010..
  • Beta Rho
    Trance DJ & Producer
    Alp Aslan [RHO] was born in 1985 Bursa, Turkey, Fahrettin Okur [BETA] born in 1997..

  • Bluespark
    Trance DJ & Producer
    Salvatore, alias DJ Bluespark was Born in 1981. Grew up in Grugliasco, small town on the outskirts.
  • Claudia Cazacu
    Trance DJ & Producer
    Claudia Cazacu (born in 1982) is a Romanian Trance and Technology home DJ, record maker, and remixer.
  • Dan Reitar
    Trance DJ
    Born and raised in Montbéliard, in Northern East of France, Dan started to get interested in EDM in 1998.
  • Dave Chimny
    Trance DJ & Producer
    Dave Chimny is a German Trance DJ & Producer since nearly 25 years. His mixes enjoy great popularity..
  • Dino Arcangeli
    Trance DJ & Producer
    In 1997 bought his first turntables starting to play in almost all places of the province and won 2 contest.

  • DJ Mattheus
    Trance DJ & Producer
    DJ Mattheus started his DJ career in a youth club in 2002. He fell in love with Trance Music..
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