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Erwin Ancer

Erwin Ancer was born in South Africa in the 1960's and became musical at the very tender age of three.

He began singing in a choir later in life, and then moved into mobile disco DJing around Johannesburg, including in the club scene, playing tunes from the early 60's to very latest in commercial sounds.

He got himself into radio broadcasting in the later part of the 90's, gaining various slots from graveyard to breakfast shows.

His love for dance music has been very profound thus channelling it into what we call Trance today.

He has been inspired by artists like Paul van Dyk, Markus Schulz, Armin van Buuren and Above & Beyond. The list just goes on...

When he emigrated to Australia back in 2009, it wasn't until he saw an ad for radio jocks on a local station called J-Air in 2014, which he then applied for and began the Trance Groove show. He was trying to find the right mix, and eventually settled for what we now call the melodic up-tempo and progressive tunes with Techy Trance, and a few Psy tunes added. All are top chart tunes as we know them today.

He's proud to say he has had many guest mixes on his show over the years, with the likes of Ferry Corsten, Dan Thompson, DJ Xquizit, Dim3nsion and Vini Vici. All, these artists have added in a big way to where his show is today.

Erwin encourages you to join him each week on the journey for the best feel-good Trance tunes around the globe.

This is all about you the listener, right here on your number one station, 1Mix Radio.

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